TX3 Series

TX3 Series

The GME TX3 Series is one of the most advanced 5 Watt UHF CB Radios of its kind. Equipped with the newest digital scanning technology this radio series ensures privacy and less interruptions.


The TX3 Series has a compact size and unique slide-in mounting cradle makes installation simple and our intuitive user interface and controls ensure all of our technology is easy to use and optimises performance across the 80 channels.

Full Spectrum Back-lighting
User adjustable, totally customisable back-light settings provides smooth blending of brightness, colour and saturation to match the vehicle’s dashboard lighting or to suit the driver’s preference.

Clear Sound Digital Signal Processing
Measures, filters and compresses standard analogue radio signals and converts them to a digital format. GME’s DSP eliminates much of the conventional processing and time consuming manual alignment, resulting in enhanced audio quality and a constant performance over the full 80 channels.

Advanced Signal Management
Identifies interference caused by strong local signals on adjacent channels and prevents these from opening your squelch control. Also minimises distortion of reception by fine tuning the receiver frequency to match that of the incoming signal. A unique GME feature that is critical to the optimum performance of 80 channel radios ensuring that incoming signals remain interference free, clear and undistorted, even if they are slightly off-frequency.

Dynamic Volume Control
Modulation levels of signals can vary considerably resulting in noticeable differences in received volume between channels. With the introduction of 80 channel narrow-band transmissions, the disparity in audio volume will increase further. GME’s DVC automatically compensates for variations in received audio level. When activated, this feature provides a constant audio output level greatly enhancing the quality of reception and the simplicity of use.

Flip Mounting Option
A unique Display Flip function that allows the unit to be installed upside down if required, and the display read from either orientation.

Voice Inversion Scrambler
User selectable, will make your voice unintelligible to others not using the same scrambler technology, providing a level of privacy.

Front and Rear Mic Input
To facilitate ease of installation and operation across a broad range of private and commercial vehicles, GME has conveniently provided a microphone input socket on both front and rear panels.

Ingress Protected
The radio has a specifi ed level of protection against the intrusion of dust and/or water using an International protection rating or IP code (e.g.
IP67). The first digit defines the level of dust protection from 1 to 6 and the second the level of water protection from 1 to 9.


Other versions in the TX3 Series: TX3100 , TX3120S , TX3500S , TX3510S , TX3520S , TX3550S , TX3350

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