Earth 2 Ocean offer the ability to give you peace of mind when it comes to knowing the location of your most valuable asset or a fleet of vehicles.


✓ Small concealable unit

✓  Cost effective

✓ Rugged and waterproof

✓ Monitor movement

✓ Real-time live map view

✓ Instant snapshots of daily movements

✓ Receive customisable reports and alerts

✓ Set up and monitor geofences (Virtual Boundaries) for operations management

✓ Set speed limits, track entries and exits, time spent and distance travelled within the boundary

✓ Recovery mode enables immediate “live-tracking” in the case of theft.

✓ Run hour or odometer readings on devices can be used for scheduling maintenance jobs and reminders to protect asset health

✓ Monitor asset uptimes, speed, inactivity, temperature, door open/close and much more (depending on what devices you are using)


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