Satellite Compass SC-33

Satellite Compass SC-33

Heading Accuracy of 0.4°, Strong against multipath, Multi-GNSS, NMEA2000 certified Perfect for Radar, TT, AIS, Sonars and Autopilots


Satellite Accuracy, Unwavering Heading

Earth2Ocean are the specialists in all things Furuno in Bunbury!

Furuno’s range of high accuracy fast update satellite compasses are fast becoming an essential device to get the very best out of your Furuno navigation and fish finding equipment. The Furuno SC-33 provides a wide variety of navigation information with the highest reliability and accuracy provides GPS Position, Speed Over Ground (SOG), Course Over Ground (COG), Rate Of Turn (ROT), as well as Heaving, Roll & Pitch and naturally Heading. The SC-33 has also been designed to effectively counter multipath errors in order to reach the highest level of reliability.

Heading Accuracy of 0.4°
3-AXIS speed monitoring
Strong against multipath, High reliability
Multi-GNSS with GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS satellite networks
NMEA2000 certified
NavNet TZtouch, NavNet TZtouch2 series compatible
Works perfectly with TIMEZERO software

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