Garmin offers a full line of radome and open array radars. xHD2 radars provide high-definition digital technology delivering high-resolution radar images to your plotter.

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High Resolution Radar Images

Earth2Ocean are Garmin Authorised Dealers in Bunbury as well as the South West!

At Earth2Ocean Bunbury we have a wide range of Radar options to suit everyone.

Choose from radome and open array platforms in a variety of transmit power options delivering excellent range of detection and clear target definition on screen. Look for those with MotionScope Technology which detects and highlights targets in different colours as they move toward or away from you.

Garmin radars are to benefit as much as possible your voyage each and every time you cruise on the water. Radars are an important tool in navigation and Garmin Radars are in the forefront worldwide due to the technology and robust features they offer. Whether you’re up for a simple cruise or fully commercial charter a dependable radar installed on your boat is a must. Garmin Radar Australia offer you expert navigation. Know you way on the water!


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GMR 18 xHD, GMR 18 HD+, GMR 24 xHD, GMR 424 xHD2, GMR 624 x HD, GMR 626 x HD, GMR 1224 x HD, GMR 1226 x HD, GMR 2524 xHD2, GMR 2526 xHD2, GMR Fantom 24, GMR Fantom 54, GMR Fantom 56, GMR Fantom 124, GMR Fantom 126