Open Array Radar

Open Array Radar

Choose a Raymarine HD Colour or Super HD Colour open array scanner for enhanced performance and range.


Raymarine HD & Super HD Colour Open Array Radar

Earth2Ocean are not just a Raymarine re-seller we are also the only service dealer in Bunbury as well as the South West.

These large scanners, equipped with a more efficient antenna (increased gain) and narrow beam widths, deliver substantial improvements in range and bearing resolution giving great performance and clear target separation.

Truly revolutionary, Raymarine HD Colour technology improves target detection by eliminating virtually all noise and extracting more information from the radar echo return than has ever been generally available to the leisure navigator before.

Super HD Colour adds another level of digital signal processing to further enhance the performance and improve the resolution. Stunning multi-level colour target displays provide extra clarity and detail.

Magnum is available in 4kW or 12kW power output options, and with either a four-foot or six-foot antenna array option. It offers a maximum range up to 96nm for 12kW models – ideal for blue water vessels – and up to 72nm for 4kW models.

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