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  • Autopilots

    Kick back, relax and let NAVpilot steer you to the destination! With the NAVpilot series the unique Gesture Controller, Fantum Feedback steering and self-learning software, will give you a whole new level of navigation!
  • Fishfinders

    From small recreational boats to commercial trawlers, there's a Furuno Fish Finder that meets your needs.
  • Multi Beam Sonar

    Turn your NavNet TZtouch series MFD into a multi beam sonar that can see 120-degrees port to starboard, allowing you to see the depth and direction fish schools are moving, while displaying the seabed condition in real time.
  • Multifunction Displays

    Furuno MFD is designed with a highly intuitive and refined graphical interface that will handle whatever you need it to.
  • Radars

    Furuno offers high quality marine radars for a wide variety of vessels from recreational vessels, riverboats and high speed crafts, to fishing vessels and merchant marine.
  • Satellite Compass

    Satellite Compass provides highly accurate information for navigation equipment.