Radar 1815

Radar 1815

Designed for a wide variety of vessels like, pleasure craft, work boats and small fishing boats, the Furuno 1815 provides the user with an easy to use full featured standalone radar and display.

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Fully Automatic Gain for Simplified Use

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MODEL1815 is an 8.4” colour LCD radar designed for pleasure craft and small fishing boats. The Radar has easy-to-use, intuitive controls, while maintaining the high performance you expect from FURUNO products. Even in poor visibility such as fog or storms, the radar produces detailed pictures of coastline and targets at short ranges by utilizing narrow pulses and dual IF bandwidths. The waterproof display makes it ideal for exposed installations, such as fly bridges.
MODEL1815 utilizes our Fast Target Tracking, True Trail Mode and True View Mode technologies to ensure optimum performance in detecting and ranging targets of interest.

The Furuno 1815 package uses a 19” Radome with an easy to view and operate 8.4” colour screen. The 1815 boasts 4 Kw in power that shows targets up to 36 nautical miles away. The Furuno 1815 can also be operated in an automatic gain reduction mode which reduces the clutter on the screen without input from the user. An additional feature that the 1815 offers the user is Fast Target Tracking which enables the user to either automatically or manually track up to ten targets at the same time and quickly select one target and get speed and vector on the screen for that target. The 1815 radar from Furuno also has a True View Mode which makes the interpretation of what you see on the screen easy to understand by keeping targets visible even while you are turning.

Loaded with features the Furuno 1815 radar is a perfect standalone radar option. Colour display and low profile 19” radar dome with 4 Kw of power that uses only 38 Watts of power to show you targets and weather up to 36 nautical miles away.

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