Thermal Cameras

Thermal Cameras

The FLIR and Raymarine’s thermal infrared camera range offers a thermal night vision solution for every boater.


FLIR Thermal Marine Cameras | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR


FLIR maritime thermal imaging cameras turn night into day, keeping you safe and secure and letting you boat with confidence. From small boats to superyachts, FLIR offers leading-edge thermal cameras that are rugged, reliable and straightforward to use.

Thermal imaging cameras detect and display images based on tiny differences in heat, not light. From pitch black, to moonlight, to severe midday glare, FLIR detectors capture the thermal energy emitted or reflected by everything, even ice. FLIR cameras then convert the small differences in temperature into easy-to-interpret infrared video images, allowing you to see at night and navigate in total darkness.

FLIR thermal imagers make it easy to confirm the positions of navigation aids and landmarks. Systems with pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) gimbals can even integrate with select multifunction navigation displays and radar systems, making target ID even easier. Thermal imaging instantly reveals other vessels masked by background lighting and solar glare. Because they see heat, rather than visible light, FLIR cameras deliver the same high-quality images day or night. Thermal imaging not only lets you see approaching vessels, but also the activities of those onboard. Many systems offer digital and optical zoom to further enhance small or distant objects. Thermal imaging works night and day, in total darkness or bright sunlight, through smoke, dust, and even light fog to keep your passengers and crew safe from hazards and threats.







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