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  • 3 Series

    The Hytera PD372 Is a small (107 x 55 x 23mm, 160g) and versatile two way radio ideal for hospitality or any industry where the radio needs to be compact without compromising on ruggedization or quality.  Read more
  • 4 Series

    The Hytera PD462 Offers a commercial two way radio at an affordable price. Audio and voice features (AMBE ++) enable easy communication in difficult work environments. Equip your team with the Hytera Digital two way radio solution.Read more
  • 5 Series

    The PD5 Series Is lightweight, compact, and packed with functionality. Cost effective, the PD5 series supports both digital and analogue communications, meaning they are the perfect companion for new digital mobile radio users.Read more
  • 6 Series

    The PD6 Series From Hytera offers a sleek, innovative handset for professional radio users. With a lightweight, crafted metal design, supporting both digital and analogue technology, the PD6 Series is a popular feature rich device.Read more
  • 7 Series

    The PD7 series From Hytera, you can look forward to a quality device from the very beginning. This radio series is impressive, not only because of its durable and reliable design, but also thanks to its outstanding voice characteristics and its comprehensive PMR functionality.Read more
  • 7 Series ATEX

    The PD712Ex and PD792Ex Handheld radios from Hytera guarantee reliable communication in the most hazardous of environments. With their market leading, robust design and intrinsic safety - for those working in environments containing explosive gases, combustible dust or mining vapours, they are safety critical.Read more
  • AIS Receivers & Transceivers

    Raymarine introduced an automatic identification system of a world class standard to enhance situational awareness.Read more
  • Antennas & Whips

    The GME Range of Antenna & Whips are rugged, high performance Antennas to suit harsh conditions.Read more
  • Autopilot – Evolution

    No fuss, easy to install and robust - the Evolution autopilot combines Raymarine's autopilot expertise, FLIR Systems' R&D, and advanced aerospace guidance technology to create Evolution Ai control algorithms that deliver a new level of accurate autopilot control.Read more
  • Autopilot NAVpilot-300

    With the NAVpilot 300’s unique Gesture Controller, Fantum Feedback steering and self-learning software, you will enjoy a whole new level of navigation with ease and peace of mind !Read more