2-30MHz Antennas

2-30MHz Antennas


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Earth 2 Ocean can help you find the right ZCG antenna to suit your needs.

Whether you are out on the ocean or on the many rivers and lakes of the world, you want a reliable Marine antenna in emergency situations or to stay connected to the world via a radio or mobile phone.

ZCG have a wide range of deck mount and side mount antennas to suit any sized vessel, whether it’s a small inflatable rib, medium recreational vessel to a large commercial fishing fleet, cruise liner or container ship. ZCG has a suitable marine antenna solution for your needs.

ZCG’s range of ‘deck mount’ fold down base antennas are matched in appearance to keep the aesthetics of your vessel. ZCG offer the choice of a robust white nylon dual fold down base or a heavy duty stainless steel dual fold down base for our range of deck mount antennas.

2-30MHz: The 2-30MHz or HF range is used for long distance, long wave communications for either land based fixed position or vessel mount applications. ZCG’s range of HM series antennas are best suited for larger vessels such as container or cruise ships. For smaller vessels see our ZM range. For land based 2-30MHz our HM range can be mounted utilising structure mounting hardware.


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2-30 MHz

HM208, HM212, HM215, HM215-L, HM300