IC-F2100D Series

IC-F1100D / IC-F2100D Series

The IC-F1100D/ IC-F2100D Series is an economical standard IDAS digital handheld radio. It has a compact size, ease of operability and is a lightweight entry-level digital transceiver.



Key features include a high power handling capacity speaker for 1500 mW of powerful audio, and a modified speaker grill structure allowing for more capacity for the front of the internal speaker. In addition, a custom-designed, high-output power speaker results in the doubling of the audio output power.

128 Channels / 8 Zones (for LCD types)
16 Channels (for non-display types)
Icom’s customised speaker offers a louder 1500 mW audio output
An engineered casing that amplifies and improves acoustics
Compact and lightweight
IP67 waterproof and dust-tight protection
Tested to 12 categories of MIL-STD-810-G environmental tests
AquaQuake™ – Expels water ingress from the speaker grill
16-position rotary selector and ON/OFF volume knob
Programmable Panel keys
Operating times of up to 18 hours
Three colour LED


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