Marine Camera Systems

Marine Camera Systems


Raymarine offers a range of ruggedised, high-definition, day and night video camera systems so you can monitor blind spots and keep a track of whats going on! Transform your multi-function display into a powerful video observation system.


Visible Light Marine Video Cameras

Earth2Ocean are not just a Raymarine re-seller we are also the only service dealer in Bunbury as well as the South West.

The CAM marine camera series from Raymarine produces stunning High Definition images by day & by night. Use your very own marine camera system to record the fishing action on deck, or use it as a backup or side-deck camera for docking and maneuvering. Raymarine camera’s also provides detailed black and white video at night, even in total darkness.

The CAM marine camera series has loads of features to suit all needs – Stylised to blend in with your boat’s aesthetic design. Rugged, High Definition, Day and Night network video camera suitable for above or below deck applications.

Visible light marine cameras offer an affordable marine CCTV solution. They perform well across a variety of lighting conditions and manage motion well. Simply plug and play with any compatible Raymarine multifunction display (analogue cameras require a BNC composite video input connector) to create your onboard video observation system.

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CAM210, CAM220, CAM200IP